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O&O SafeErase Professional 8.10 Key Free Download

Monday, May 23, 2016
O&O SafeErase Professional 8.10 Build 244 Key Free Download
O&O SafeErase Professional 8.10 Build 244 Key Free Download | 31.6 Mb
O&O SafeErase helps you to delete sensitive data securely. Thanks to this protection against data misuse, you see a return on your investment with every securely deleted file. In this way you can be sure that no data gets into the wrong hands. O&O SafeErase offers a reliable solution for safe erasure of security sensitive files and gives you the ultimate in data protection. With O&O SafeErase even hackers and data spies cannot restore your safely erased files. O&O SafeErase is THE solution for securely deleting sensitive data from your hard disk and offers you the ultimate protection of your privacy. With just one click of the mouse, you can securely and permanently delete files, folders and partitions. The motives for deleting files are many. Old e-mail files, internet histories, file cache, financial records, company information, and private files ought to be protected from unauthorized access.

In addition to many smaller adjustments O&O SafeErase includes an analytical tool that scans your computer for temporary and unsafe deleted files. With just few clicks, you can clean your computer so that unauthorized persons do not have a chance to spy out old files for possible abuse. SSDs are also automatically detected and deletions are executed via the TRIM command while conserving resources. The advanced report management and administrating deletion lists for repeated activities make the use of O&O SafeErase even more convenient.

Deleting the entire computer allows you to SafeErase all your data before its sale, transfer or disposal. All files, settings, applications and the operating system are deleted so that a recovery is impossible. You can rest assured that nobody can restore your data and abuse it. With O&O SafeErase you can even SafeErase your entire computer without a start medium (e.g. Boot CD).

O&O SafeErase allows you to choose from six different deletion methods, depending on your individual needs. The methods of deletion differ in the number of runs and the kind of overwriting process. These methods ensure maximum security, whatever your needs. In addition to standardized deletion methods of the U. S. Department of Defense (DoD) and the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) you can also select a complex mathematical method (Gutmann method), which matches the highest security levels. In this scientifically approved method of data deletion, the corresponding areas of the hard disk are overwritten 35 times following precisely defined rules both with fixed and with random values. This allows O&O SafeErase to even exceed the requirements of the DoD and the BSI. For a quick deletion you can also simply overwrite data with zeros.

The support of modern multi-core processors enables a more efficient deletion by O&O SafeErase. To save time for special settings and combinations of deletions, you can save your activities in deletion lists and reload them whenever necessary.

Important Features at a Glance:
* SafeErasing:

* Securely move files and folders
* Six methods to permanently delete sensitive data
* Complete integration into Windows Explorer
* Detailed reports as proof of deletion
* Speed optimization of deletion processes
* NEW: Analysis tool to search for unsafely deleted files
* NEW: Adapted deletion method for SSDs
* NEW: Enhanced report and activity management

Whats New :
Support of Mozilla Firefox 47
Support of Google Chrome 51
O&O SafeErase Professional 8.10 Build 244 Key Free Download
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