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Canopus Edius 5 with Crack Full Version

Wednesday, April 8, 2015
Canopus Edius 5 with Crack Full

The EDIUS 5 Video Editing Software from Grass Valley is an NLE editing software suite designed for broadcast professionals. It will allow you to convert different HD and SD resolutions, aspect ratios and frame rates in realtime.An array of filters, keyers and transitions lets you refine and enhance video projects without the need for rendering. The software directly supports OHCI FireWire, as well as Grass Valley's range of realtime editing hardware cards such as the ACEDVio, and HDSTORM for accelerated realtime editing and analog connectivity.

HD Editing

EDIUS allows you to edit DV content in HD resolution using automatic, realtime upscale conversion from SD to HD. This allows you to render graphics and effects in HD, improving their quality when downconverted for SD output. You can even export HDV content to hard disks or DVD-R without the need for an expensive HDV camera or deck.

Mixed Format Timeline

The software supports a mixed format timeline that lets you work with work with multiple video formats in realtime. This lets you mix HD and SD resolutions, aspect ratios and framerates without the hassle of constant rendering. You'll even be able to playback DV output of effects, keyers, transitions and titles in realtime while you edit.

High Quality Codec

EDIUS is built around the Canopus HQ Codec. This has been designed in conjunction with Scalable Technology to deliver high image quality and performance for HD video. It provides superlative Luma and Chroma sampling and adjustable bitrates when encoding.

Canopus Hardware Support

The software is compatible with realtime editing hardware by Canopus. This lets you add a HDSTORM or ACEDVio for accelerated realtime editing an analog connectivity. It also supports devices that are compatible with FireWire connectivity for DV input and output.

Professional Format Support

EDIUS offers support for a variety of professional video formats from Panasonic and Sony. These formats include DVCPRO 50, P2, GFCAM, XDCAM, and XDCAM EX.

Bundled Software

In addition to the EDIUS editing application, several bundled applications are included with the suite. These include NewBlue video filters, ProDAD video effects and image stabilization, iZotope VST, Corel DVD and Blu-ray authoring, Inscriber titling, and stock footage by Artbeats.



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